Our Next Meeting




13th Annual Meeting of The Hannah Arendt Circle

April 11-13, 2019

     University of Alberta, Edmonton


Please submit an abstract formatted for anonymous review (750 word limit in .doc or .docx format) on any aspect of Hannah Arendt's work.

 Send as an email attachment to arendtcircle2019@gmail.com

Please indicate "Arendt Circle Submission" in the subject heading of your email.
Deadline: December 15, 2018 Program decisions announced by January 10, 2019.


Yasemin Sari

University of Northern Iowa

Katy Fulfer
University of Waterloo

Andreas Stuhlmann
University of Alberta



The Arendt Circle also hosts two working groups, which will meet on Thursday, April 11, 2018.
For more information on the format and how to participate, please contact the working group coordinators by email:

1. "Arendt Beyond Borders": Lisa Stenmark, San Jose State University @ lisa.stenmark@sjsu.edu

2. "Hannah Arendt and Her Contemporaries": David Antonini,ClemsonUniversity @ dranton@clemson.edu