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2023 Arendt Circle Travel and Accommodations Recommendations


The 2023 Arendt Circle will be held June 26th through June 29th in Verona, Italy. On the 29th, in the afternoon, the University of Verona’s Arendt Center will host an additional event which is linked to the conference (although not officially included in the schedule), namely the presentation of the book Political Bodies: Writings on Adriana Cavarero’s Political Thought, ed. by Paula Landerreche Cardillo and Rachel Silverbloom (SUNY Series in Contemporary Italian Philosophy, forthcoming).

There will be a catered reception open to everyone on the first day (June 26th) and a dinner for the participants on the 28th.

The conference will be held at the University of Verona, Santa Marta pole, room SMT.01. Address: Via Cantarane 24, Verona. It is a beautiful historical building. 


We recommend making a reservation through, because the official websites of the hotels sometimes are not translated in English very well. The hotels tend to get overbooked in the summer, so we suggest booking ahead of time to secure the most comfortable accommodation.

We highly recommend the following three hotels, which are in a lovely position and at a walkable distance from the university facilities:

In addition, we recommend using

Anyone interested in discussing specific hotels or suitable areas of Verona for other accommodations can email Valentina Moro at Verona is an easily walkable city.

Additionally, anyone interested in partnering up with other participants to split the cost of accommodations should reach out to Katherine Brichacek at or



This is the website for the Verona city airport:

Nevertheless, it is often easier (and cheaper) to fly to bigger airports nearby, especially for intercontinental flights. Verona is well connected to Italy’s biggest cities.

In case you need to catch a train from Venice, Treviso, Milan, Bologna, Rome or any other main city, be aware that there are two railway stations in Verona: Verona Porta Vescovo and Verona Porta Nuova. Both are a walkable/short car distance from the hotels we recommend. Verona Porta Vescovo is 10-15 mins walking distance from Santa Marta pole, where the conference is held. But there are no buses or cabs leaving from Porta Vescovo. We suggest arriving at Verona Porta Nuova railway station if one wants to take a cab to the hotel first.


Any additional questions can be directed to Katherine Brichacek at or



If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at