2011 Meeting

The fifth independent conference for the Hannah Arendt Circle was hosted by the Department of Philosophy and the Don Shula Program in Philosophy at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH, April 8-10, 2011.




Dolan Science Center Reading Room (on the JCU campus)


Panel One: Arendt and Being Human


Session Chair: Stephen Bloch-Schulman

Elon Univeristy

Hannah Arendt Circle Coordinator

The Right of the Rightless

Alastair Hunt

Portland State University

Between Public and Private: Navigating the Jewishness of Hannah Arendt

Deborah Galaski

The University of Virginia

Panel Two: On Judgment


Session Chair: Cassie Striblen

West Chester University

‘Solidarity’ and Reflective Judgment

Matthew Wester

Miami University, Ohio

The Existential Dimension of Hannah Arendt's Conception of Political Judgment

Amy L. Shuster

University of Minnesota, Duluth

Panel Three: Arendt and the Other


Session Chair: Gail Presbey

University of Detroit Mercy

Genocide and Sexual Atrocities: Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem and Karadzic in New York

Natalie Nenadic

University of Kentucky

Hannah Arendt on Attending to the Other(s) Within and Without

Jennifer L. Geddes

The University of Virginia

Lunch 1-2:10

Panel Four: Arendt, Pedagogy and Education

2:15-3:25 and 3:35-4:45

Session Chair: Dianna Taylor

John Carroll University

Arendt, the Classroom, and the Crisis of Offense

Ada Jaarsma

Mount Royal University

Arendt, Education and Disability: Beginning Something New

Michael Surbaugh

University of Oklahoma


A Defense of Arendt’s “Reflections on Little Rock”

Daniel Cole

University of Miami, Ohio

School Days: Arendt and the Idea of the University

Drew Desai

University of Ottawa

Business Meeting: 5-5:45


All panels will be held in the Rodman Hall, Conference Room A (on the JCU campus)

Panel Five: Arendt and the Contemporary World


Session Chair: Wolfhart Totshnig

Northwestern University

Loneliness and Language: Arendt and Cavell

Martin Shuster

Hamilton College

“Out of Nowhere”: Hannah Arendt Today

Jennifer Ruth

Portland State University

Panel Six: Arendt and Love


Session Chair: Gaye Demiryol

Yale University

Amor Mundi and the Freedom of the Beautiful

Jim Josefson

Bridgewater College


Justin Knight

Independent scholar

Arendt’s Prejudice Against Charity

Joshua Miller

Morgan State University

A world en miniature? Reflections on Hannah Arendt´s Concept of Love

Tatjana Noemi Tömmel

University of Frankfurt