2012 Meeting

Hosted by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, the College of Liberal Arts, & the University Honors Program

Morgan State University

Baltimore, MD

Friday evening (March 9th)

8-10 Drinks – George’s (in Peabody Court Hotel)

Saturday (March 10th)

8-9 Breakfast and Dean’s Welcome

9-10:45 – Politics

Moderator: Stephen Bloch-Schulman, Elon University

Lee Cooper, Colorado State University: “So Much for the Famous Passion For Self-Preservation: Arendt vs. Birmingham on Hobbes and Glory”

Daniel Levine, University of Maryland: “Threat/Negotiation/Appeal and Protection of

Civilians in International Peacekeeping Operations”

Lisa Stenmark, San Jose State University: “Revolution’s Catch-22: The Limits of Politics and the Role of Religion in Public Life”

11-12:10 – Immortality and Embodiment

Moderator: Seth Vannatta, Morgan State

Sophie Cloutier, Université Saint-Paul: “The Phenomenology of the Body in Hannah Arendt”

John Keiss, Loyola University Maryland: “Arendt and the Politics of Immortality

12:10-2:10 – Lunch

2:10-3:15 – Arendt and the Politics of Gender

Moderator: Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves, Morgan State University

Kyle Koeppe, Miami University: “Queering Arendt”

Katy Fulfer, University of Western Ontario: “Walking the Line: Why Feminist Politics Benefits

by Using Arendt’s Public/Private Distinction”

3:30-4:40 – Natality

Moderator: Martin Shuster, Hamilton College

Nathan Van Camp, University of Antwerp: ‘“Always too early, always too late”: Being Natal in the Age of Biotechnology’

Anne O’Byrne, Stony Brook University: “Natality and Miscegenation”

5:00-5:45 -- Business Meeting

6:45 – Dinner

Sunday (March 11th)

8-9 Breakfast

9-10:45 – Work and World

Moderator: TBA

Kim Maslin Wicks, Hendrix College: Arendt’s “Heidegger the Fox” Essay: Revealing the Trap

Ted Kaouk, University of Maryland: “Crafting the State: Homo Faber and the Antipolitical in Coriolanus”

Steven Maloney, University of St. Thomas: “Work and the Making of the World”

11-12:10 – Nature, Science, and Technology

Moderator: TBA

Tama Weisman, Dominican University: “We are in real trouble now: An Arendtian analysis of the environmental crisis”

Juliette Arico, SUNY Buffalo: ‘“To be sure, the man-made satellite was no moon or star”: Arendt, Surveillance, and the Destruction of Human Plurality’