2013 Meeting

7th Independent Hannah Arendt Circle Conference

University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

May 20-22, 2013

Tuesday (May 21st)

8-9 AM Coffee and Welcome word, Vivian Liska, Director Institute of Jewish Studies.

9-10:45 – Session I: Judaism (I).

Session Chair: Cassie Striblen, West Chester University

A. The Controversy over Eichmann in Jerusalem and Hannah Arendt’s “German-Jewish” Identity

– Robert Kunath, Illinois College

B. Arendt and the Role Of Exilic Language in Forming a Political Life

- Jules Simon, University of Texas at El Paso

C. Hannah Arendt: Judaism and the Other

– Olga Kirschbaum, New York University

10:45-11 - Break

11-12:10 – Session II: Identity and Selfhood.

Session Chair: Nathan Van Camp, University of Antwerp.

A. Feminist Encounters with Hannah Arendt: Between Social Identity and Political Agency

– Emily Katzenstein, University of Oxford

B. Arendt on Selfhood, Intersubjectivity, and Moral Integrity

– Tatjana Noemi Tömmel, University of Frankfurt

12:10-2:10 PM – Lunch

2:10-3:15 – Session III: Comparing Arendt.

Session Chair: x, University of Antwerp

A. On Responsibility: Reading Hannah Arendt with Karl Jaspers and Jan Patocka

– Ulrika Bjork, Uppsala University

B. Public Reason for a Common World: An Encounter Between Arendt and Rawls

– Vasti Roodt, University of Stellenbosch

3:15-3:30 - Break

3:30-4:40 – Session IV: Arendt and Politics.

Session Chair: Melis Baş, University of Twente

A. The Aporias of Establishing the Right to Have Rights

- Jan Maximilian Robitzsch, University of Pennsylvania

B. Peace and the Preservtion of Politics

– Diane Enns, McMaster University

5:00-5:45 -- Business Meeting

Wednesday (May 22nd )

8-9 AM - Coffee

9:30-10:40 – Session V: Judaism (II).

Session Chair: Richard I. Cohen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A. “When one is attacked as a Jew...one must respond as an Oriental”: Hannah Arendt and Edward Said in a Semitic Dialogue

– Anya Topolski, University of Leuven

B. “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”: Between the Political and the Anti-political in the Arendt/Scholem Exchange

– Kupfer Shira, University of Haifa

11-12:10 – Session VI: Education and Politics.

Session Chair: x , University of Antwerp

A. Religious Education out of Love for the World? A Contemporary Discussion with Hannah Arendt

– Pieter De Witte, Catholic University of Leuven

B. Hannah Arendt’s Exercises in Political Thinking and their Role as a Preparatory Political Practice

– Maria Robaszkiewicz, University of Paderborn

12:10-2:10 PM – Lunch

2:10-3:15 – Session VII: Speech and Action.

Session Chair: Marinus Schoeman, University of Pretoria

A. “Talking Back and Measuring Up”: The Judging Role of Speaking Together in Hannah Arendt’s Thought

– Karen McCarthy, Emory University

B. The Moral Dimension of Action: Arendt’s Ethics of the World

– Tal Correm, Temple University

3:30-4:40 – Session VIII: Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

Session Chair: Kei Hiruta, University of Oxford

A. Hannah Arendt's Jesus: A Contextual Exploration of Arendt's Depiction of Jesus in Light of her Formative Years in Weimar Germany

– Thomas Wittendorff, European University Institute

B. Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Restoring the Meaning of a Political Relation

- Els Van Peborgh, University of Antwerp

7:30 – Conference Diner, Felixpakhuis

End of Conference.