2021 Meeting



Hosted by Loyola University Chicago

2021 Organizing Committee:

Katy Fulfer, University of Waterloo

Lucy Benjamin, University of London

Jennifer Gaffney, Loyola University Chicago

Katherine Brichacek, Loyola University, Chicago

All talks will take place via Zoom. Register (free) here.

Please review our conference etiquette.

Each presenter will have a 35-minute session, followed by a 5 minute break between speakers.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

3 pm PST / 5 pm CST / 6 pm EST / 10 pm GMT

Welcome from the Program Committee

Symposium on the Bloomsbury Companion to Arendt, organized by Yasemin Sari, University of Northern Iowa and Peter Gratton, Memorial University

Friday, April 16, 2021

1 pm PST / 3 pm CST/ 4 pm EST / 8 pm GMT

“The Ugly Psyche: Arendt and the Right to Opacity,” Anne O’Byrne, Stony Brook University

“King Lear’s “Nothingness” and Arendtian Solitude,” Rivkah Grieg, Independent Scholar

“Heidegger and Arendt on Human Existence in the Public Realm,” Jo-Jo Koo, Duke University

“Hannah and Rahel’s Parallel Stories of Racial Identity, Privilege, and Epistemic Injustice: Embracing the Nonideal Political Action of Rahel Varnhagen,” Katherine Brichacek, Loyola University, Chicago

Saturday, April 17, 2021

8 am PST / 10 am CST / 11 am EST /3 pm GMT

“It’s a Smart World. An Architectural Reading of ‘Toronto Tomorrow’ Through Hannah Arendt’s

Concept of the World,” Hans Teerds, ETH Zürich

“Metaphor, Image, Time: On the Internal Coherence of Arendt’s The Life of the Mind,” Wout Cornelissen, Vanderbilt University

“Suspending Judgment, Sinking Feeling: Melville, Arendt, and the Lost Treasure of Revolution,” Samuel Galloway, Purchase College (SUNY)

“The Arendt/Baldwin Exchange,” Robert Crease, Stony Brook University

Friday, April 30, 2021

3 pm PST / 5 pm CST/6 pm EST / 10 pm GMT

“Arendt on Natality: Between Gadamer and Habermas,” Magnus Ferguson, Boston College

“Labor v. Work: Arendt’s Distinction in Hegel’s Phenomenology,” Clark Wolf, University of Wisconsin, Parkside

“Luxemburg and Arendt on Revolution and the Council System,” Camila Vergara, Columbia University

“Climate Change and Totalitarian Logic,” Larry Alan Busk, California State University, Stanislaus

Saturday, May 1, 2021

8 am PST / 10 am CST / 11 am EST /3 pm GMT

“Arendt and Luxemburg: Democratic Possibilities and the Limits of Populist Politics,” Angela Maione, Harvard University

“Distinguishing between Formation and Articulation of Speech in Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought,” David Antonini, Clemson University

“The Grey Zones of Violence in Political Resistance,” Tal Correm, New York University

Business Meeting

Closing Roundtable